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Getting Started

The target of your Steps to Success event should be defined by your district's need and your available resources to carry out the event.
  • Step 1: Agree on the responsibilities
    In our district, the school district and the mayor's office agree on the date and define the mission together. The school district then identifies students, handles logistics, and manages the day's activities. The Mayor's Office handles media relations, recruiting volunteers, and solicits community resources. After the event, both the district and the Mayor's Office follow up with volunteers.

    Flowchart of allocation of responsibilities between Tucson Unified and Mayor's Office.
  • Step 2: Convene a committee with all potential stakeholders
    Below are the some ideas of who you may choose to include on your committee.  Be sure to include a representative from the Mayor's Office, or designate a liaison to be a communication bridge.


    • Identifies Students
    • Plots routes


    • Ensures alignment with F.E.R.P.A.
    • Ensures alignment with board policies
    • Approves confidentiality agreement


    • Provides district vehicles

    Student Services/Counseling

    • Coordinates group leadership

    District/School Leadership

    • Sets expectations for participation


    • Helps with media relations
    • Provides video, photo, and story coverage
  • Step 3: Identify your target and resources
    In addition to helping our students graduate, Tucson Unified believes another important function of Steps to Success is to bring together local government, community leaders, and schools to communicate the importance of education to our students and families. We want to go out into our community and meet families "where they are at" instead of the expectation that families "come to us." Your district can use Steps to Success for a variety of purposes to meet the needs of your student demographics. Although our walks have included between 176 and 405 home visits in one morning, it can be as small or focused as your district can handle.

    Tucson Unified has targeted students who have dropped out, including W4/S4 students and students who have left for charters. In the future, we plan to also target students at-risk because they are at transition points. This year, we will pilot a small number of visits to high-risk incoming freshman, and we hope to add incoming third graders in future walks. We plan to include sixth graders in the future, as well.

    Used as a prevention tool, students can be selected for visits due to issues with attendance, grades or credits, and literacy.

    The following graphic illustrates our target groups.

    Flowchart of our target groups, as discussed above


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