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Advanced Learning Experiences

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ALE Parent/Guardian Complaint Process

In order to best serve our students and families, the ALE Department has established  procedures to ensure complaints or concerns from our families are resolved in a fair and timely manner. Complaints should always begin at the level in which the concern was held.  They should be shared as soon as possible to allow resolution at the lowest possible administrative level, starting with the classroom teacher and then the campus administrator.  Thank you for following the steps outlined in the Parent Complaint Resolution Process (available in PDF).

Tucson Unified School District pledges to support the academic success of all students and no discrimination is permitted in the programs or activities that the District operates. If you have an issue regarding any aspect of Advanced Learning Experiences (ALE) related to a student, please complete, sign and submit the form below, which will be forwarded to your school's principal.

Parent/Guardian Complaint Resolution Process (in PDF) | Print Version of Complaint Form (in PDF)

Formal Parent Complaint Form


  •  - 
  •  - 
  • Describe your concerns in specific terms. Include the following details:
  • Describe any relevant communication that has already occurred to address the issue. Please address the specific points below:
  • Please describe how you would propose to resolve this issue.


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