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Pay Fees, Get Credit

Image for 'You Can Do Both'You qualify for a tax credit if you pay for a child to participate in an extracurricular activity or character education program at school.

You can pay the fee by credit card. It's easy! Here's how.

  1. Pay by credit card.
  2. On the credit card payment page, select the child's school.
  3. Click on "Select Activity" and look at the list of activities--an activity listed requires a fee.
  4. Select the activity for which you want to pay the child's fee.
  5. Type in the amount of the required fee. If you do not now the exact amount due, call the school's office and find out
  6. In the "Comments" box, type in your child's name.
  7. Print out a receipt for your records.

The child's school is automatically informed about every online credit card payment.

Thank you for helping children learn and for helping Tucson Unified by paying the fee! We're glad you are eligible to get a tax credit for that payment.

Ask Relatives, Friends & Neighbors
Grandparents, other relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers can ALL help your child learn and also improve education at your child's school.Everyone you know who lives in Arizona may be able to make a tax credit contribution to your child's school.

Everyone--as long as they are Arizona residents and pay state income tax--is eligible to get a tax credit by making a contribution to a specific school to your child's Tucson Unified school.

Every tax credit contribution, from $5 to $400, makes a difference. So please, ask everyone you know to make that contribution. Ask them to Give Kids the Extra Credit--the tax credit contribution that pays for extracurricular and character-building programs.
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