The Hart Family

Margaret Hart and three of her children all have careers in Tucson Unified School District. Her children received their K-12 educations through Tucson Unified schools.

Margaret has been a community representative, coordinator and volunteer with Tucson Unified since 1974.

Her son Jimmy and daughter Chandra were sent to Cragin Elementary, as part of Tucson Unified's desegregation initiative in the 1970s. Jimmy recalls that he was told, "The new school will give you great opportunities to excel."

Jimmy Hart, Director of African American Student Services, says that he likes to "give back by working in my district."

Chandra Thomas, principal of Robins K-8, finds purpose in her career through expressing her passion and love of education.

Gideon Hart, Senior Payroll Processor, finds satisfaction in making sure that Tucson Unified staff get paid on time. He stresses that their mother taught them to "do the best in whatever it is you do."

Margaret Hart's grown children definitely take this to heart in their work here with Tucson Unified School District.

Margaret Hart and three of her children, Jimmy, Chandra and Gideon, all have careers at TUSD. Jimmy, Chandra and Gideon received their K-12 education at Tucson Unified.

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