Tucson Unified magnet schools win national recognition

Posted 03/14/17

Three Tucson Unified School District magnet schools were recently recognized by Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools.

Borton Magnet School won the Magnet Schools of America School of Excellence award, and Mansfeld Magnet Middle School and Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School were named Schools of Distinction.

Borton’s theme is project-based learning and systems thinking. Mansfeld has a STEM theme, and Dodge’s magnet focus is a traditional curriculum.

To receive a national merit award, member schools must submit a detailed application that is scored by a panel of educators. The awards are given to magnet schools that show a commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation and diversity efforts and the consistent delivery of high-quality educational services to all stakeholders.

If families are interested in enrollment information for Borton, Mansfeld or Dodge, they can call School Community Services at 225-6400 or visit their websites:

To learn more about the national merit awards program, please visit

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