Three Tucson Unified schools recognized for litter-free efforts

Best Day Ever Kids Cleanup Challenge

Students at Tucson Unified School District have taken up a challenge to work together to make their schools cleaner and more beautiful environments. The effort has been spearheaded by Tucson Clean and Beautiful, which has visited three schools to inspect and grade them.

Mission View Elementary has been certified as Litter-Free School. During the inspection, only 20 tiny fragments of litter were found on campus, including surrounding sidewalks, and those were picked up by the end of the visit.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful also visited Hollinger K-8, which got an "Excellent" grade and Ochoa Community Magnet School, which earned a "Good" rating.

B.J. Cordova from Tucson Clean & Beautiful said that each of these schools is to be commended for the tremendous effort to ensure a clean and beautiful campus.

"Everyone that participates in the project, from the students to the staff has made excellent strides to take responsibility and making their schools clean and beautiful," Mr. Cordova said. "It's an inspiration for other schools."

Taylor Moore, a retired lawyer who has been volunteering at the district's schools for several years, feels proud to have led the children in this project and hopes that it serves as an example.

"I watched the change happen at three schools. I am sure it will encourage all of Tucson Unified schools to accept the challenge. From there it will easy to spread throughout the world," Moore said.

Students are encouraged to take the project to the places where they live and play, including in their neighborhoods.

To learn more about the 'Best Day Ever Kids Cleanup Challenge,' contact B.J. Cordova, Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Inc. at (520) 791-3109.

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