Rincon-UHS students observe appellate court in action

On September 20, 2016, students at Rincon-University High School received an education in the trial process when the Arizona Court of Appeals heard an actual appeal at the school auditorium.

The gavel smacked down three times and a packed auditorium at Rincon-University High School rose for the entrance of Judges Staring, Espinosa and Eckerstrom from the second division of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Eager students awaited the start of the trial so that they could witness firsthand an appellate court in action.

"I think we're all excited, because this is an exciting thing to happen here," Riley explained, who is a junior at UHS interested in becoming a lawyer.

UHS sophomore Quinn agreed, "There are a lot of schools in Tucson and the state of Arizona, and I think it's interesting they picked us.

Students mentioned the event was pushed by virtually every teacher on campus, from Physics to English classes. Many teachers released their entire class to go witness the event, and accompanied their students in the auditorium.

One by one, the students passed through a metal detector and complied with all necessary precautions to ensure the environment was safe. After the trial hearing ended, the judges willingly answered questions about their roles, but not pertaining to the case heard.

"I think it's important because a lot of people might want to be a lawyer," echoed Priscilla, a junior at UHS.

Jackie, a UHS sophomore also loved the experience, "My life has always been immersed in the court system since my parents are officers, and it's really interesting to see an actual court case – especially at my school."

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