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Back to School FAQ - School starts Aug. 3

Q: When does school start?
A: All schools in the Tucson Unified School District start Thursday, Aug. 3. For school start times, please visit your school's website or contact the office. Check the School Directory for phone numbers and links to the school website.

Q: When is registration for my child? Each school sets its own dates for registration.
A: Please call your child's school for that information. See School Directory for phone numbers.

Q: I have not received a registration packet for my children. How do I get one?
A: Please contact your children's schools. See School Directory for phone numbers.

Q: Will my student need a uniform?
A: Some, but not all, of the district's schools require uniforms. You can find general information about school dress codes in Governing Board Policy JICA. For the list schools with uniforms (and the uniform details) see Board Exhibit JICA-E. Please contact your school for more information. See School Directory for phone numbers.

Q: If my children are going to the same school as last year, do I need to register them?
A: Yes. Each school will have registration dates and times. You will need to register your children so the school knows they are coming, to update your contact information and to get your children's teacher information and/or class schedules.

Q: If my children are going to the same school as last year, do I need to enroll them?
A: You do not need to re-enroll you students returning to schools they attended last year. As mentioned above, you will need to complete the registration process (see previous question).

Q: What documentation do I need to bring to registration?
A: You should receive a packet from your school that includes registration information and requirements. If you do not receive a packet, please contact your school. You can also find the registration packet on our website, if you'd like to get a head-start on filling out the forms.

Q: My children are new to Tucson Unified School District or have applied for placement in a new school. How do I find out what school they are going to?
A: Contact School Community Services for all enrollment questions. They are located at 1010 E. 10th St, in the B building. The office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 520-225-6400.

Q: Who do I contact if my child has special needs?
A: The Exceptional Education department can answer questions about children who have special needs. Reach staff members at 520-225-6610.

Q: What preschool options do you have?
A: See our Preschool page for information about options for our youngest students.

Q: Do you have kindergarten?
A: Yes! Tucson Unified offers free all-day kindergarten. Find out more at our Kindergarten pages!