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Free College Prep and AzMERIT Practice Exams for Students

Get Started Early
Students, you have free access to a great resource: Edgenuity College Prep Practice Tests. Practice tests will help you identify areas you need to work on before you take the actual tests. Tests are available for both Middle School and High School students (see the tables below for the available tests).

  • You can take PSAT, ACT, SAT, Accuplacer or AzMERIT practice tests.
  • Edgenuity is an Internet site, so you can access it anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Use our free Wi-Fi when you're on campus!

Live Site Available Now
Sign on with your matric number and the district password you use to sign on to TUSD computers. Any course with the VT prefix indicates a practice test. For more information, please see the Getting Started With Edgenuity guide (in PDF).

Login here:

Getting Help

  • For login issues (invalid username/password) let your teacher know if there's a problem so the teacher can contact the TS Service Desk. Teachers also have the ability to change a student's password.
  • For all other Edgenuity questions, contact Edgenuity's Product Support team at 877-202-0338 x 3.

HS Practice Tests Available

Course Name Grade Course Name Grade Course Name Grade
VT-ACCUPLACER-Math 11, 12 VT-ACT 2016 Science 11 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Geometry 9, 10
VT-ACCUPLACER-Reading 11, 12 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Algebra I 9 VT-PSAT Math 9, 10, 11
VT-ACCUPLACER-Writing 11, 12 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Algebra II 9, 10, 11 VT-PSAT Reading 9, 10, 11
VT-ACT 2016 English with Writing 11 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-
ELA 10
9, 10 VT-PSAT Writing and Language 9, 10, 11
VT-ACT 2016 Mathematics 11 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-
ELA 11
10, 11 VT-SAT 2016 Math 11, 12
VT-ACT 2016 Reading 11 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-
9 VT-SAT 2016 Reading 11, 12

MS Practice Tests Available

Course Name Grade Course Name Grade Course Name Grade
VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Mathematics 6 6 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Mathematics 7 7 VT-AZ-AzMERIT-Mathematics 8 8