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Photo of mother and daughter

5th grade shooter game

Photo of mother and son

3rd grade basketball game

Photo of cardboard hats

Cardboard hat creations from Mykl Wells artist workshop
(OMA artist and AIS creations)

Photo of student artwork

Student artwork in the pallet gallery

Photo of student artwork

Student artwork was mounted on embellished cardboard frames.

Photo of student setting up game

Pallet gallery with Gale Elementary cardboard arcade

Photo of cardboard arcade

4th grade dunk tank

Photo of manakin in cardboard vest

Attire from cardboard ball (an annual community fundraiser for the All Soul's Procession)

Photo of parents playing in the arcade

Dr. H.T. Sánchez attempts to dunk the dog at the dunk tank.

Photo of student setting up game

4th grade sling shot game

Photo of kids playing a game

Students try their hand at winning a prize.

Photo of skeeball game

5th grade skee ball game

Photo of boy tossing a ball

4th grade strike-out game

Photo of question game

4th grade mystery claw game

Photo of student sculpture

Ford Elementary Seuss Houses

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