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FAQ for 2019-2020 Contracts

Have a question about your 2019-2020 contract? Look through our FAQ (in PDF).

Where does Tucson Unified stand on alternative certification for teachers?

Dual Language Incentive for the 2017-2018 School Year

Tucson Unified School District will pay a Dual-Language Recruitment and Retention Incentive Stipend of $5000 that will be available to new-to-the-District incoming certified teachers and to certified teachers who currently work for the District that meet the following criteria:
  • The teacher must work for the District in a dual-language classroom and attend the required two-way dual language professional development during the school year.
  • The teacher must have a Teaching Certificate with Spanish bilingual endorsement from the Arizona Department of Education.

The stipend will be prorated based on the hiring date. Qualified recipients will receive the first half in December and the second half in May.

Work Calendar, Holiday Calendar, Pay Period Calendar

The Work Calendar includes start and end dates for classified, certified, food service, transportation, and school safety employees.


Fingerprinting and Recertification Schedule - 2018-2019

Are you planning on retiring or separating?

The "intent to retire" form is now called "Intent to Separate (in PDF)." Download the form or find it on the HR Department intranet site under "HR Forms". Please do not use an older version, as it does not have the same fields and information. There is also an FAQ on the second page of the form to help answer some of your questions about separating from the District.

Employment or Wage Verifications

For verifications of employment requiring wage information, please contact the Payroll Department:

For verifications of employment NOT requiring wage information (including Public or Teacher Loan Forgiveness Applications), contact the Human Resources File Room:

  • Fax - 520-225-6612
  • Scan or email -
  • Call - 520-225-6167 or 520-225-6231
  • Come by - 1010 E. Tenth Street, across the hall from the Cafeteria


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Human Resources

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