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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

GATE | 2120 E. Naco Vista (Cavett Elementary), Tucson, AZ 85713 | (520) 225-1305 |
Louise Till, Interim Senior Coordinator | Alzira Duncan, Interim Coordinator | Melanie Chacon, Administrative Assistant

Family Enrichment Night - November 8

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You are invited!

Family Enrichment Night!

A "Think Outside the Box" Experience for TUSD Grown-Ups and their Children

FREE for all TUSD families

Interpreters available upon request. Call 520-232-8684 no later than October 26 to request an interpreter.

Thursday, November 8
5:30 - 7:00 PM
At Kellond Elementary
6606 E. Lehigh Drive

Join us for hands-on activities like:

  • Create a Creature!
  • Escape Room Adventure!
  • Slime Making!
  • Lego Challenge!

Learn how your child's critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities can grow through "Outside the Box" educational experiences and enrichment opportunities!

GATE Video

Eligibility and Placement for Gifted Services

Families will be notified in January and February of 2019 regarding student eligibility to receive gifted services for SY2019/20.  TUSD has many opportunities for students to participate in District gifted programs through open access and qualified gifted assessments. Space may be limited at some of our program sites so please notify the GATE office immediately if you are considering participating at one of our programs. 

About GATE

At Tucson Unified, we recognize that gifted students have special educational needs that should be met within the context of educating the whole child through a variety of services and options. The role of the Gifted Education program is to:

  • Identify the particular abilities and needs of these students.
  • Challenge students functioning at the highest level of ability.
  • Encourage underachieving students who are capable of the highest performance.
  • Promote higher level creative and productive thinking skills throughout the district.
  • Promote creative or productive achievement.

The District is committed to providing all students enrolled at the District with equal access to the District’s Gifted and Talented Education program.

Tell us how we're doing!

  • We'd love to hear your feedback about Tucson Unified's Gifted and Talented Education Program! Please share your comments through the form below, or call us at (520) 225-1310.

Gifted and Talented Education


We are committed to integration, diversity, and racial equity.

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