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Food Services

Food Services | Lindsay Aguilar, Site Operations Coordinator | 2150 E. 15th St., Tucson AZ, 85719 | (520) 225-4700

Online Applications

Online free and reduced rmeal applications...for faster processing, click here.

You can now submit your free and reduced-price meal applications online!

It's easy to get started. Go to:

  • Secure website
  • No lost paperwork
  • Receive benefits faster
  • No more wondering what happens to forms containing private information
  • Receive confirmation email

For questions, contact:
TUSD Food Services
(520) 225-4700

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Online Meal Payments

think outside the lunchbox, prepay for school meals online. MyPaymentsPlus (formerly known as MealplayPlus)

Use MyPaymentsPlus to check your student’s meal account balance or prepay for school meals.

At no cost, you can

  • create a free, secured account to manage your student's meal payments.
  • Check your student's account balance

For a minimal transaction fee of 3.99%, you can also make payments online.

Register your student using the Student Id (or Matric) number.

For questions or to obtain your student's ID #, call 1-877-237-0946.

More Information (in PDF)

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