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Infant and Early Learning Centers

Infant and Early Learning Centers |
Brichta: 2110 W. Brichta Dr., Tucson, AZ 85745 - (520) 225-1100 | Schumaker:  501 N. Maguire Ave., Tucson, AZ 85710 - (520) 731-5200

We are open to the Tucson Community and TUSD Staff!


Print version: Tuition Agreement Form (in PDF)

Tuition rates are based on an annual rate. These rates guarantee your child's space in the Center from year to year. There is no discount for holidays, fall or spring break or summer. The Center will be open year-round and only closed during major holidays.

At this time there are no part-time rates. You may use the Center less than five days but must pay the full-time rate.

Please also see the Tuition Agreement Form (in PDF) for other payment schedules.

Fee Schedule
Sites: Brichta and Schumaker

Our program has a $50.00 supply fee that will be added to your account annually in February and September.

Monthly Rate Infant Toddler Preschool/Prek
Public $997 $910 $823
Employee $847 $774 $700
Biweekly Rate Infant Toddler Preschool/Prek
Public $460.00 $420.00 $380.00
Employee $391.00 $357.00 $323.00
Weekly Rate Infant Toddler Preschool/Prek
Public $230.00 $210.00 $190.00
Employee $195.50 $178.50 $161.50

We Use Procare to Stay Connected With Parents

While our focus will always be on the children, our initiative is to improve communication with our parents. Our goal is to increase parent engagement, messaging, as well as improve the safety and security of the children. Our program is currently equipped with the ability to communicate with you via email, text message or telephone. This system is our main source to get important information out to you quickly. This system is one our most efficient means to ensure all families within our TUSD Infant and Early Learning Community are notified of any emergencies, announcements, as well as, current and upcoming events that may be occurring. We want you to feel more connected to your child and their day.

Sign In & Out: Families/Caregivers will be given a 4-digit pin. With this pin you will be able to sign your child in and out quickly and more securely via the kiosk in the front office. For additional safety and security, the Procare system will notify both parents who picks up or drops off your child when you have enabled the push notification via email when you accept the invite from the Procare system.

Online Billing: Pay bills directly from your smartphone. Simply add your credit card or bank account to the billing section. Then when you receive the tuition invoice pay, before close of business on the invoice due date, in order to avoid receiving a $25.00 weekly late fee.

*Please note there is transaction fees associated which are listed when you add your account payment information.

Parents pay all transaction fees: CC & Debit 2.95% +$0.95 per transaction or ACH $0.95 per transaction

Parent Engagement & Messaging: Teacher can share photos of daily activities and send them directly to your cellphone. Easily view, download, and share pics with others about your child's experiences and link them to Facebook. Message teachers, front office and management with any concerns as well as see daily reports of your child.

We look forward to better communication! If you have any questions, please look at this help article, Parents: How to Sign Up, on the Procare website.

Center Locations


2110 W. Brichta Drive | Phone (520) 225-1100 | Fax (520) 225-1101



501 N. Maguire Avenue | Phone (520) 731-5200 | Fax (520) 731-5203


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