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Preschool Programs at Tucson Unified

Questions about my child's learning - Does something NOT feel right? | Preguntas sobre el aprendizaje de mi hijo - ¿Hay algo que NO se siente bien?

A wide range of preschool options are available for children residing within Tucson Unified boundaries. Some are free, and some are offered for a reasonable tuition. All of our preschools follow standards from the Arizona Department of Education to ensure high-quality learning experiences for children.

If you are interested in preschool at Tucson Unified, complete the Preschool Interest Form.

Inclusive Preschool

  • Free
  • Available to three and four year olds (students must be three by August 31)
  • Two-and-a-half hour morning or afternoon session
  • Classes held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Community Preschools

  • Tuition-based
  • Five days a week

Early Learning Centers

  • Offered through  Infant & Early Learning Centers
  • High quality affordable childcare and early learning programs
  • Multiple approaches to serve all learning styles
  • Safe and healthy environment for young children

If you are interested in preschool at Tucson Unified, complete the Preschool Interest Form.

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More Information for Enrollment in Title I Preschool Programs

Timeline and Steps for Enrollment in Title I Preschool Programs

  1. Complete and submit Preschool Interest Form and Questionnaire together. You can find these forms on the Preschool Interest Form page.
    • Packets are considered "Incomplete" and will not be considered for placement if the Preschool Interest Form and Questionnaire are not filled out completely and submitted together.
  2. A preschool department staff member will contact the parent/guardian listed on the interest form when a placement is available for a qualifying child at one of the families' requested sites and/or their neighborhood school.
    • The preschool department will make three (3) attempts to contact parent/guardian for available placement. After the third (3rd) attempt, the child will go back on the waitlist and another child will be selected for the available placement.
    • Please respond by phone or email within no more than three (3) days after being contacted by the preschool department regarding placement for your child.
  3. When a preschool department staff member contacts a family with an open placement available for their child, the parent/guardian will be given the name of the school, teacher and session available for the child. At this time families can accept or decline the available placement.
    • If parent/guardian would prefer a site different from the available placement offered, it is likely the child will need to go on the waitlist for that site.
  4. If the offered placement is accepted, parent/guardian will be given information on documents to bring to use to register in the front office of the accepted placement site.
    • Please do not go to register your child until you have received a placement offer by a TUSD Preschool Department staff member.
  5. After you have enrolled your child in the offered preschool program, your child's teacher will contact you to schedule your orientation and small group sessions prior to the child attending their assigned a.m. or p..m. session.
  6. Once you have attended orientation and small group sessions, your child may begin attending their regular session.
    • For families with children who begin mid-year, we ask that the families meet with the classroom teacher prior to their child attending their first session on either a Wednesday or between sessions. This introductory meeting allows the teacher and family to complete the orientation and small group materials. Also, it allows the teacher time to prepare materials and a cubby for the child to have their first day.

Preschool Programs at Tucson Unified

  • Program Listings by Site
    School Address Phone Program Cost
    Banks Elementary 3200 S. Lead Flower, 85735 908-5700 Inclusive and Community Free and Tuition-Based (Accepts DES)
    Blenman Elementary 1695 N. Country Club Rd., 85716 232-6500 Inclusive Free
    Bloom Elementary 8310 E. Pima St., 85715 731-3700 Inclusive Free
    Brichta IELC 2110 W. Brichta Dr., 85745 225-1100 Early Learning Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Collier Elementary 3900 N Bear Canyon Rd 85749 584-4800 Community Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Cragin Elementary 2945 N. Tucson Blvd., 85716 232-6700 Inclusive Free
    Davidson Elementary 3950 E. Paradise Falls Dr., 85712 232-6800 Inclusive Free
    Dunham Elementary 9850 E 29th St, 85748 731-4200 Community Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Erickson Elementary School 6750 E Stella Rd, 85730 584-5000 Inclusive Free
    Gale Elementary 678 S. Gollob Rd., 85710 731-4500 Inclusive Free
    Grijalva Elementary 1795 W. Drexel Rd., 85746 908-3600 Inclusive Free
    Henry Elementary 650 N Igo Way 85710 731-4700 Community Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Holladay Magnet 1110 E. 33rd St., 85713 225-1600 Inclusive Free
    Hollinger K-8 150 W. Ajo Way, 85713 225-1700 Inclusive Free
    Howell Elementary 401 N. Irving Rd., 85711 232-7200 Inclusive Free
    Hudlow Elementary 502 N. Caribe Ave., 85710 731-4800 Inclusive Free
    Johnson Primary 6060 S. Joseph Ave., 85757 908-3800 Inclusive Free
    Lynn/Urquides 1573 W. Ajo, 85713 908-4000 Inclusive Free
    Maldonado Elementary 3535 W. Messala Way, 85746 908-4100 Inclusive Free
    Manzo Elementary 855 N. Melrose, 85745 225-1900 Inclusive Free
    Marshall Elementary 9066 E. 29th St., 85710 731-4900 Inclusive and Community Free and Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Mary Belle McCorkle K-8 4455 S. Mission Rd., 85746 877-2000 Inclusive Free
    Miles ELC 1400 E. Broadway, 85719 225-2200 Inclusive and Community Free and Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Miller Elementary 6951 S. Camino de la Tierra, 85746 908-4200 Inclusive Free
    Mission View Elementary 2600 S. 8th, 85713 225-2300 Inclusive Free
    Morgan Maxwell K-8 2802 W. Anklam Rd., 85745 225-2000 Inclusive Free
    Myers/Ganoung 5000 E. Andrew, 85711 584-6700 Inclusive Free
    Ochoa Elementary 101 W. 25th St., 85713 225-2400 Inclusive Free
    Oyama Elementary 2700 S. La Cholla Blvd., 85713 225-5700 Inclusive and Community Free and Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Pueblo Gardens K-8 2210 E. 33rd St., 85713 225-2700 Inclusive Free
    Robison 2745 E. 18th St., 85716 232-7800 Inclusive Free
    Rose K-8 710 W. Michigan Dr., 85714 908-4400 Inclusive Free
    Soleng Tom Elementary 10520 E Camino Quince 85748 731-5400 Community Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Schumaker IELC 501 N. Maguire Ave, 85710 731-5200 Early Learning Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Sewell Elementary 425 N. Sahuara Ave., 85711 584-7200 Inclusive Free
    Steele Elementary 700 S. Sarnoff Dr., 85710 731-6800 Inclusive Free
    Tolson Elementary 1000 S. Greasewood Rd., 85745 225-3300 Inclusive Free
    Tully Magnet 1701 W. El Rio Dr., 85745 225-3400 Inclusive Free
    Van Buskirk 725 E. Fair, 85714 225-3700 Inclusive Free
    Vesey Elementary 5005 S Butts Rd, 85757 908-4600 Community Tuition-based (Accepts DES)
    Warren Elementary 3505 W. Milton Rd., 85746 908-4700 Inclusive Free
    Wheeler Elementary 1818 Avenida del Sol, 85710 584-5500 Inclusive Free
    White Elementary 2315 W. Canada St., 85746 908-5300 Inclusive Free
    Whitmore Elementary 5330 E. Glenn, 85712 232-8000 Inclusive Free
    Wright Elementary 4311 E. Linden, 85712 232-8100 Inclusive Free

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