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Communications and Media Relations

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District Recognition

  • Thank you for suggesting an outstanding person or group for recognition by the district. We'll be sure that the person you nominate is recognized for their contributions and excellence!

  • Your Name and Contact Information

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  • If you are a part of Tucson Unified School District, please select...
  • Who are you nominating for recognition?

    Note: If you are submitting more than one person, please list additional names in the "Additional Information" box below.

  • If they are a part of Tucson Unified School District, please select...
  • Certificates: Each certificate includes the name of honoree and a description of the award or accomplishment. Please suggest a description. This can be the name of an award, or a more general acknowledgement (for example, Outstanding Community Support, Outstanding District Support, Outstanding School Support.) Your suggestion doesn’t have to be exact, but should be something we can work from!
  • More Info

  • Who should we contact to be responsible for inviting your nominees and their guests to the meeting?
    (This is often the school principal or other district person familiar with people being recognized.)


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