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African American Student Services

African American Student Services Home Page
Jimmy Hart, Director |  1302 S. Avenida Vega, Rm 27 (at Palo Verde Magnet HS) |  Tucson, AZ 85710 |  Phone: (520) 584-7500 |  Fax: (520) 584-7502 | Email Us

African American Student Services coordinates a wide range of events for students, parents, and the community!
Events such as Parent University, African American Read-In Chain, and more, help keep students engaged, parents involved, and the community informed.
  • African American Youth Heritage Day 2017
  • Hidden No More, Film Empowers Middle School Girls
    With an early morning chill kissing the sunny Tucson sky, 8th graders from schools across the district filed off buses at the El Con Mall Theatre for a special treat.

    Buckets of popcorn and sodas awaited them. Their voices buzzed with anticipation. As they settled down into their seats and the lights dimmed, a hush fell over the young crowd.

    Hidden Figures, a movie about the African American women who worked at NASA and calculated the math for sending a man into space, swept the girls up in a journey of determination, history and the belief in oneself.

  • Free Classes at the Family Resource Centers!
    Be sure to check out the Family Resource Centers for workshops, seminars, and free classes! With four Family Centers, we've got one near you!

Jimmy Hart, Director
1302 S. Avenida Vega, Rm 27 (Basement)
(at Palo Verde Magnet HS)
Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: (520) 584-7500
Fax: (520) 584-7502
Email Us